Monday, 16 April 2007

Ad multos annos

16 April 2007: Pope Benedict at 80
Ad multos annos, Father Joe

If there's anyone out there who is not aware of the fact, today also marks the latest 'deadline' for the publication of the promised papal motu proprio in terms of which priests will enjoy greater freedom to celebrate the 'Tridentine' mass. Needless to say the day passed without publication. Those wanting a chuckle on the subject will find it here. My thanks to the former Confused Anglopapist who since his trip across the Tiber is, I see, now merely a Confused Papist.

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Aristotle said...

I am not really surprised. It would have been a little odd for him to have released it on his birthday. Besides, the Italian article said "after April 16" in the body of the article even though it said that the document would be issued on April 16 in the headline. But to issue it on his birthday would have looked like it was a personal gift rather than a gift to the whole Church, so I'm still betting on late April or perhaps May 5, the Feast of St. Pius V in the old calendar.