Sunday, 18 March 2007


So, tagged - or is it memed (?) - by Mac!

Rules of the game: list six weird things about me (only six?); tag and identify three new people; leave notification of tagging on the blog site of the newly tagged.

Right, what dare I admit to?

1. Rather like Esther, I cannot bear throwing anything away but, unlike Esther, in my case this doesn't just apply to stuff from loved ones! As a result -

2. One of the characteristics of my flat and my office (when I've had one) is the presence of numerous strategically positioned piles of paper, made up of things I'm convinced I'll need again some day. This has been a life-long condition from which no-one - mother, wives, secretaries - has yet cured me.

3. One of my 'piles' is the pile of books by my bedside. I am an obsessive bibliophile. I usually have three - sometimes four or five - books 'on the go' at one. My present bedside pile consists of With Jesus in Jerusalem and With Jesus through Galilee according to the fifth Gospel both by Fr Bargil Pixner OSB, The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd & John Mitchinson, The Technique of Icon Painting by Guillem Ramos-Poqui, Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky and Liturgie Latine (from Solesmes). Nothing if not c(C)atholic!

4. I almost always fall asleep at night over a book which makes progress sometimes painfully slow.

5. In my life I've moved house no fewer than 32 times (11 times before I was 21 so it's not all my fault) to addresses in six countries. My 33rd (and final) move is coming up. Watch this space.

6. I've got a thing about blondes (just kidding, Mac). My genuine sixth weirdity (qv 5 above) will be announced on this blog site within the next few weeks.

I tag (1)Kasia whose Clam Rampant is well worth visiting, (2)Richard whose blog (click on 'coffee') is contained within his new personal website (he can also be found as Technical Director of Lantern Productions) and (3) Jeffrey who has a whole stack of excellent blogsites of which I will list just three: The Roving Medievalist, Just a Comment and Triumphant Baroque.

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Kasia said...

Thanks for the tag and the plug! :-) I'm about to post the answers - come take a look!