Friday, 16 March 2007

Of children and cats

Jerusalem is a city of children and cats! The children of the Old City, be they Palestinian or Jewish, are almost without exception beautiful. It is a sad indictment of Western society that for a man of a certain age – even if he is a father and grandfather – to be seen taking photographs of children renders him suspect. That said, political correctness in Israel does not seem to feature quite as prominently as it does in England. But in spite of that I’ve been cautious although, with their smiling agreement, I did get a super shot this afternoon of three youngsters sitting on a skateboard careering down a hill on Mount Zion.

Mercifully there are no sensitivities about photographing cats so I have. The picture shows just two of the felines I befriended during the course of today. The sandy-coloured one has only one eye and this is the second Cyclops I've encountered. Clearly tension within Jerusalem cat society is as endemic as it is in the human equivalent.

More to follow eventually if the demand is there.


Mac McLernon said...

The demand is there...

Kasia said...

I second that - I can never see enough photos of cats! (Or children.)